Build Better Debt Free

Church Planning Guide

We upgrade plans
to build debt free
We can improve any plan to build without borrowing.

In a century designs dropped from 100% to 30% efficient. As design stewardship declined so did the church’s influence, mission giving and attendance.
A healthy church should be spending less than $1000 per person annually. Typical churches are plotted showing most are about $2000. Overbuilding at twice the cost as shown will kill the church’s ministry. Overbuilt cost cannot be found in a budget since they are hidden in varies operating costs,
Reducing building price $1M
saves $6M total cost.

BETTER  VALUE          
Enhance communication in both worship and fellowship. 
Balanced designs strengthen unity and stimulates revival.
  1. How God’s counsel saved $1M to $21M.
  2. How to find a qualified planner.
  3. How to separate needs from wants.   
  4. How to find space used only one week a year.
  5. How to improve design efficiency.
  6. How to objectively test for the best option. 
  7. How to identify overlooked costs.  

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Freedom  follows  Excellence

Biblical planning eliminates borrowingeading 3