Build Better Debt Free

Church Planning Guide

TOTAL COST     6X   
Total cost is 6 times building price.
Building an unneeded $300,000 area may have a total cost of $2,000,000 due to all overhead costs for a generation.

Incremental interest analysis shows what areas of a building are not needed.

The process of building will take more time, more money, and more influence than you ever imagined.

CGR was founded to help churches avoid past barriers to ministry. Founder Phil Walsh developed balanced space standards to help churches avoid overbuilding.  He has ministered as a space engineer and a church planner for 40 years.  The extensive research of building practices within different denominations has developed unique tools to build better debt free. 


ntensive research of church building reveals a road to revival and the funds to fulfill the Great Commission.    Research covered hundreds of churches in many denominations.  We are the first to reveal the facts so  essential to plan efficient facilities.  Traditional plans are 40% efficient.
  1. God prospered each church with the cash needed to build.
  2. Using Christ’s counsel will free half the church income.
  3. Traditional building discourages faith in God’s provision.
  4. Balanced plans will save a church millions of dollars and souls.
  5. Traditional buildings are < 40% efficient due to overbuilding.
  6. Debt free plans meet needs sooner and stimulate revival.
  7. Overbuilding prevents us from fulfilling God’s purpose.
  8. CGR was founded to help churches avoid past barriers to ministry.


Now I can sleep nights, since solving our hopeless situation.”           Dan Walters, Nazarene Church, Hamilton, Ohio

You stretched our vision of God’s will in church building.”
 Dwain Hill, Baptist Church, Wilmington OH

 Hillside Church in Springfield, Ohio planned a larger foyer for $2M. CGR saved us $8M by using another idle space. 

 Heritage church in Columbus, Ohio had a $21M plan. CGR trimmed unneeded space to save $11M. 

 Faith Bible Church in Cincinnati, Ohio projected $13M, GRC’s balanced plan cut total costs $8M. 

Maiden Lane Church in Springfield, Ohio planned a $4M addition. CGR $2M plan cut most of the idle space.

“I tell every pastor to avoid debt by using CGR to plan real needs.”     Jim Mahan, Nazarene Church, Vandalia, Ohio

Southgate Church, Springfield, Ohio planed a $11M education wing. CGR’s utilization study avoided the need to build.